The evaporator fans inside your commercial walk-in cooler or freezer are probably running right now. In fact, they probably run all the time, spinning 24/7/365, delivering cold air to keep your store’s valuable foods and beverages safely and reliably refrigerated.  Did you know there are many significant ways to save lots of energy, money and more with evaporator fans?  Here’s how:

  1. Save energy with ECMs. Electronically Commutated Motors are highly efficient motors available for your evaporator unit. They are so efficient that the federal government requires them to be installed in all new commercial evaporator units.  A typical ECM turning a 12” diameter evaporator fan blade uses only about 40 watts, or about 1/3 the energy needed 20 years ago and less than half as much as motors available only a decade ago.
  2. Save energy with evaporator fan control. New refrigeration systems with programmable electronic controllers are able to safely and efficiently switch evaporator fans off when not needed. This can amount to 50-75% less runtime.
  3. Save energy with outside air. If you are lucky enough to live in a in a cold climate, a walk-in cooler economizer can give the evaporator fans and your whole compressor system a yearly winter vacation by much more efficiently using what nature has so kindly and conveniently given you: cold outside air.
  4. Save energy with the “Compressor Bonus”. When evaporator fans use less energy and run less often, your compressor has less heat to remove from the walk-in.  These savings can be an incremental 20-40% over and above the energy saved by the evaporator fans themselves.
  5. Save money on electric bills. Less energy used (fewer kWh) and less power demanded (fewer kW) by your refrigeration equipment means less money handed over to your electric utility every month.
  6. Save money on your equipment. Less runtime for your refrigeration machinery means they see less wear and tear, have a longer service life and need to be replaced less often.
  7. Save on installation cost. Generous incentives available from your local electric utility can greatly lower the cost of refrigeration efficiency measures and speed up the payback time.
  8. Save on maintenance. When fans operate less it means less dirt and dust on coils that must be cleaned of to improve an evaporator’s efficiency.
  9. Save your peace of mind. If your refrigeration system is hooked up to a monitoring or control system, such as Freeaire’s Web Interface Module (WIM), you can get the added peace of mind of knowing how your system is working while you are out of the office.  We have one client that used to take the hour+ drive into Boston from the South Shore on weekends to make sure his system was working and his perishable inventory was cool.  Once he installed the WIM, he was able to check the status from the comfort of his living room.
  10. Save the earth. By installing these evaporator efficiency measures you can feel good that you are doing your part to fight global warming by reducing your demand for electricity generated by fossil fuels.