Who We Are…

Freeaire is an entrepreneurial, customer-centric company that creates long lasting relationships with our clients that emphasize efficiency and success. We provide our customers with energy efficiency solutions for their refrigeration systems that save them money, help them avoid risk and help the environment. By focusing on our customer’s needs, rather than closing one job, we build longstanding relationships with our customers. Further, once our product is installed, we continue to monitor the systems to make sure that we have delivered our customers the value they were looking for.

We owe our success to our employees and the company culture we’ve created. Our employees share our vision for exceptional customer service and delivering on our promises each and every day. We encourage our employees to take risks and think independently in order to better themselves and the company as a whole. Our collaborative and supportive culture allows us to improve ourselves and the products we believe in and have a light hearted and good time together. We are always looking for smart, skilled and motivated people to join our team. If you are interested in learning more click here.

We are proud that by helping our customers, we help society as a whole. Beyond the dollar savings, each kilowatt that we save reduces the social costs associated with energy production. Our projects reduce CO2 production and contribute to a healthier environment.

“All of our decisions are made foremost with the customer’s benefit in mind.”
“Freeaire is a company which is welcoming, inclusive, and concerned for its customers and employees best interests.”
“The culture at Freeaire fosters growth by encouraging employees to take risks and think independently.”
“Freeaire is a group of people, of disparate backgrounds, who share the common goal of energy savings.”
“We cultivate strong relationships with our customers, employees and partners.”
“Freeaire provides a product and service that, I personally believe, puts us ahead of the industry.”
“We create a professional, fun and safe environment where we can all grow together.”
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