Allagash Brewing Company

Allagash Brewery sold its first “Allagash White” in 1995. Since then, its flagship beer and Allagash name have grown in popularity and size. The company ranks being an engaged member of the community and a responsible steward of the environment right up there with “hand crafting the best Belgian-inspired beers in the world.” They have always been conscious of their water consumption, waste removal and use of renewable and recyclable products.

How We Did It

In keeping with its environmental mission and business needs, Allagash brought in Freeaire® to upgrade its existing inefficient coolers. By adding the Freeaire®’s All Climate™ system including an advanced Cooler Controller™ and Polar Power™ package, Allagash was able to take advantage of smart technology to save energy, a benefit to the environment and their bottom line, all while keeping its product award-winning fresh. The Cooler Controller™ shuts down the large evaporator fans when they are not need.

In addition, being located in Maine, for over 200 days per year, the Polar Power™ package is able to supplement or replace Allagash’s compressor based cooling, all while keeping the beer at the appropriate temperatures. In addition to the energy and environmental benefits, by running the compressors and evaporators less, the Freeaire® All Climate™ system reduces the mechanical wear and tear on the system.

The installation was seamless for Allagash, taking two weeks and allowing for production to continue uninterrupted.

Big Savings Benefits

Allagash has seen amazing results since implementing Freeaire®’s system. Allagash saves around $13,000 per year with the Freeaire® All Climate™ system – a number equivalent to selling an additional 14,000 cases of beer each year. In addition, by using the digital monitoring provided by Freeaire®’s Web Interface Module, Allagash can monitor the health of their system and track the performance of the system through a browser based tool.