Making Savings Cool and Convenient

Dave Simendinger knows the value of time. Owner of Champlain Farms, a chain of 38 convenience stores across New Hampshire and Vermont, Dave is one of the busiest people we’ve met. Every morning, he’s working with contractors, suppliers and employees to make sure that each store is running smoothly. With a business like this, cost cutting is crucial. And equipment must be fail-safe.

We Made It Simple

It speaks volumes that Dave uses the Freeaire® All Climate™ and Polar Power® package for each and every one of his 38 stores. An easy installation process and hassle-free daily operation made it simple for Dave to choose our systems. Champlain Farms reaps extra savings with the door heater control option, which automatically shuts off energy-sucking door heaters whenever possible. That’s up to 75% of the time – found money for convenience stores with banks of coolers and freezers.

Staying Focused On Business

Quality products mean customer satisfaction, and that’s what keeps customers coming back for more. So, if refrigeration fails, what’s at stake for Champlain Farms? “Tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise,” says Dave. And how would he describe Freeaire, in one word? “Wonderful.”

An Exceptional Bottom Line

Champlain Farms’ Freeaire solutions deliver a total energy reduction of 47%, a payback period of under two years per store, and reduced carbon emissions to the surrounding North country region. We expect their Freeaire system to deliver benefits to Champlain Farms, and the communities it serves, far into the future.