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Stop paying so much to keep things cold!

Ever wonder why you’re paying so much to keep things cold, when a good part of the year, winter does it for free? Want to use that power for your walk-in coolers?  Now you can – with Freeaire® Refrigeration.  The Freeaire Polar Power® package brings winter right to your walk-ins. Our system uses cold, fresh, outside air to maintain proper temperatures in your cooler or freezer. This gives your refrigeration equipment a winter vacation and slashes your electricity bills. Lower run times mean you save significantly on maintenance and replacement costs.

For warmer climates and seasons, the Freeaire All Climate™ system eliminates the waste from inefficient, power-hungry conventional refrigeration systems, so that even when winter turns to spring, you’ll still realize significant savings. Good for the environment, great for your bottom line. So clean and simple – and Freeaire makes it yours.

Revolutionizing Refrigeration

Refrigeration costs devour 50-90% of the electricity consumed by a typical grocery, convenience and liquor store. Power-hungry, noisy equipment runs far more than necessary, causing needless energy waste, wear and tear, and harmful greenhouse emissions.

Freeaire changes all that by bringing a sophisticated microprocessor to refrigeration. The Cooler Controller™ knows the exact temperature and humidity levels you require, and chooses the most cost-effective way to maintain them. It knows which components can be shut off, and when – reducing component runtimes from 50-90%.  And with defrost on demand, a Freeaire system always runs at peak efficiency.

Using Outside Air To Power Your Cooler

There’s no need to rely on a compressor system to produce cold air when you can simply move fresh, clean, super-filtered air into your cooler or freezer, using just a fraction of the energy (sometimes referred to as outside air economization).   Begin with the Freeaire All Climate controller and add the Polar Power package to take over the job of refrigeration during cold weather, shutting down unnecessary components whenever possible, and cutting electricity costs even further.  And fresh, super-filtered circulated outside air actually improves air quality – your nose will notice the difference.

A Solution For All Sizes

In pre-existing or new construction, from the largest refrigerated warehouse to the smallest computer server room, Freeaire® has a solution for you. Our systems can handle refrigeration loads of any size, yet are affordable even to stand-alone stores because of the dramatic savings they deliver.

Easy as 1 2 3
At Freeaire Refrigeration, we deliver a complete solution.  All it takes to begin the process is a phone call.  We will come out and provide a FREE Energy Savings Review of your facility and work with your local utility to determine what incentives or rebates you are eligible for.  You will be able to review a comprehensive proposal breaking out your total cost, after rebates, and your savings.  If you decide to go forward, Freeaire Refrigeration will handle the installation.

Find out how easy it is to have Freeaire installed and start saving right away.
May qualify in many states for a utilities rebate. Contact us for more details.
See how others have saved money and maintenance cost while helping to save the planet.


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