Green Refrigeration with Freeaire



It’s pretty clear that air pollution from burning fossil fuels is contributing to global climate change. Each kilowatt-hour of power derived from a coal-burning power plant releases about two pounds of CO2, the most common “greenhouse gas” responsible for global warming. Coal-fired plants also release significant amounts of sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide, key components of smog and acid rain.

Anything you can do to reduce the burning of fossil fuels is a step towards a healthier environment. You can help by cutting down on electricity consumption. For every kilowatt-hour of electricity you save, you’re preventing twice as many pounds of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Refrigeration soaks up a huge portion of your electricity consumption cost. It accounts for 30-40% of a food warehouse or distribution center electric bill.  In a cold storage facility it can be up to 90%.  For a typical convenience, grocery or liquor store, that percentage can be even higher, up to 50-90%.

At Freeaire Refrigeration, we expect to be part of the solution to our planet’s energy challenges. While renewable sources of energy like solar and wind are great for the environment, they can be costly and time-consuming to install and maintain. But with Freeaire®, you do something about global climate change right now. With our easy, cost-effective solutions, shorter payback period, and significant energy savings, your business will reap the benefits even as you’re doing your part.

Quite simply, there is no more ecologically sound way to refrigerate a cooler or warehouse than with a Freeaire system, which eliminates the waste and unnecessary run time of conventional refrigeration technology. Add the Polar Power® package, which pulls in free, cold air whenever possible, and the benefits multiply, year after year. Save energy, save money, save your equipment… save the planet.  That’s our commitment!