Freeaire CEO Dave Mac Isaac Featured in Boston Business Journal

CEO Dave Mac Isaac spoke with the Boston Business Journal about eco-friendly refrigeration and Freeaire’s growth over the last two years

When you think of eco-friendly industries, commercial refrigeration probably isn’t the first thing to jump to mind. But David Mac Isaac, president and CEO of Freeaire, an innovative Canton-based refrigeration company, hopes to change that. Since taking over in November 2014, he’s helped grow the company’s revenue from $200,000 to $1.2 million by expanding outside of New England and maintaining a focus on reducing both customers’ costs and their energy consumption.

“Refrigeration is very inefficient, but it doesn’t have to be,” Mac Isaac said. “It’s silly when you think about it, refrigeration being in the Dark Ages, while we’re all walking around with Fitbits that track how many steps we take each day, and phones that work like mainframe computers.”

Mac Isaac, who bought Freeaire with partners John DeSimone and Ken Strachan two years ago, spent most of his career managing large office-product companies. Now, he plans to use the company’s unique technology, which uses outside air to cool refrigerated spaces and allow them to turn off when not in use (much like how a hybrid car turns off when stopped), to save his customers between 25 percent and 50 percent on utility costs and bring Freeaire to the rest of the country.

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Photo Credit: Boston Business Journal | W. Marc Bernsau