Freeaire Polar Power at Pete & Gerry’s Organic Eggs

Pete and Gerry's EggsAt Pete & Gerry’s Organic Eggs the farm’s cage-free, organically fed and humanely treated birds are excellent egg layers, making Pete & Gerry’s the largest supplier of “specialty eggs” in the Northeast. And with a commitment to conservation, sustainability and organic foods, Freeaire was a natural choice for refrigeration.

With so many eggs at stake, refrigeration must be fool-proof. “If our coolers go down, our eggs can only stay above 45 degrees for fifteen minutes before they cant be used for retail,” says Jesse LaFlamme, co-owner of Pete and Gerry’s. “We have lots of confidence in this system. It really takes care of itself.”

One of Pete & Gerry’s main goals was to substantially reduce their carbon footprint while still producing high quality eggs. After installing the Freeaire system, they have achieved a significant improvement in cooling efficiency and energy use reduction. LaFlamme explains that, “With Freeaire, we can keep the price of our eggs down, and dramatically reduce our carbon footprint at the same time”.

Pete & Gerry’s now uses about 48% less energy each year, which saves over $6,291 annually. The improved refrigeration system has allowed them to run their compressors only 23% of the time, contributing to savings all year, even in the warmer months!

Below Jesse elaborates on the positive changes that have been prevalent at Pete & Gerry’s after the installation of the Freeaire System.