World Class Product, Precision Refrigeration

Grafton Cheddar Cheese Company has been making some of the world’s finest artisanal cheeses for more than a century. The company has been recognized by Wine Spectator magazine. It’s the winner of two World Cheese awards, and other accolades too numerous to mention. With a tradition like that to uphold, Grafton doesn’t cut corners.The Company makes about 2.4 million pounds of its all-natural cheese every year, and ages that cheese from one to four years in its Grafton and Brattleboro warehouses. With quality control a “paramount virtue”, Grafton has chosen Freeaire® systems to provide a precisely refrigerated 38-40° environment for that all-important aging process.

How We Did It

The Company’s two warehouses use Freeaire All Climate™ and Polar Power® packages to provide clean, efficient cooling. In designing its more recently constructed Brattleboro warehouse, Grafton Cheddar was able to use smaller evaporator units, taking advantage of Freeaire‘s energy efficiency. “Ordering the proper, scaled down equipment to be supplemented by Freeaire gave us a significant savings at the outset of the project,” says Greg. “We’d already seen the energy reductions at the Grafton warehouse. The savings and increased efficiency were much in favor of us.”

Small Town Values With A Big Impact

The Village of Grafton is famous for its long-standing values of beauty, purity, and historic preservation. And Freeaire Refrigeration has been a natural partner in helping to preserve those values. Ever since Grafton’s first Freeaire system was installed in 1999, the Company has relied on Freeaire to supply refrigeration, to great economic and environmental savings.Using the Polar Power package, Grafton has slashed its energy use at the Brattleboro warehouse by 34%, and reduced its yearly carbon emissions by nearly 217,000 pounds.We’re proud to be a part of Grafton’s story, and expect to provide clean, natural cooling solutions that help to keep Grafton and its surrounding towns clean and green, for generations to come.