Savings Strategies

Evaporator units use a large amount of electrical energy. Their function is to deliver the cold air, produced by the compressor, into the refrigerated space. Coolant, from the compressor, circulates through a series of pipes in the evaporator. Giant fans push warm air across those pipes, cooling it down, and then blowing the cooled air into the refrigerated space. However, if the compressor is off and the fans remain on, the fans are simply blowing room temperature air around the refrigerated space, delivering no cooling and wasting electricity.

Freeaire®’s Cooler Controller™ saves a tremendous amount of energy by shutting the evaporator fans off. The Cooler Controller™ monitors the temperature and intelligently controls the evaporator fans so that they run when required to bring the temperature down and shuts them off at all other times. Generally, evaporator fans can be safely shut off around 50% of the time, a huge savings.

Some commercial refrigeration systems still use mechanical timeclocks to control electric heat or air defrost cycles, using electricity to defrost evaporator fins at set intervals for predetermined lengths of time.  The Cooler Controller™ intelligently monitors the need for defrost and ends a defrost cycle when the job is done, using less energy.

Freeaire® also uses smaller, highly efficient circulation fans to ensure proper air circulation in each refrigerated space when the evaporator fans are not on.

Many cooler and freezer doors include door heaters in their frames. These door heaters are designed to keep the door seal from freezing over and to prevent the door from fogging up with condensation. Most of these Door Heaters are on year round. However, the reality is that condensation is only a potential problem when the air is humid. When the air is dry, there is not enough water to freeze or condense on the door.

Freeaire®’s Cooler Controller™ tracks the ambient humidity and intelligently controls the door heater power to use only the amount necessary to keep the door condensation free. You can generally save over 60% of the energy used for your freezer doors and over 90% of the energy used for your cooler doors.

Most cooler and freezer doors include lights to help highlight the refrigerated product. In addition, many stores have standalone glass merchandise cases, also called novelty coolers, to hold product. As an example, think about the soda cases that you typically see by the cashiers at your local supermarket.   Both door lights and novelty coolers run all the time, using a great deal of energy.

Freeaire®’s Cooler Controller™ allows you to customize a daily schedule to safely shut off your door lights and novelty cooler when the store is closed, saving energy.

Freeaire® generates additional energy savings by replacing the motors in your evaporator fan units or open display cases. We swap your conventional AC electric motors with brushless DC Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs). ECMs use up to 66% less electricity than your current motors, resulting in long term energy and cost savings. ECMs can be used in both walk in coolers and freezers and many open display cases.

Evaporator fans, door lights, door heaters and electric defrost all generate heat when they run. Because they are in the cooler or freezer, that heat warms up the space and means that the compressor must run more often to remove that heat.

By intelligently controlling the evaporator fans, door lights, door heaters and defrost cycles, the Freeaire® All Climate™ system reduces the amount of heat generated and put into the refrigerated space. By reducing the cooling load, the compressor runs less, saving energy.  This “Compressor Bonus” represents an incremental savings of between 15%-40%.

In certain geographies there are plenty of days where the outside temperature is actually lower than the temperature in the refrigerated space. However, with a traditional system, the compressor and evaporators will continue to operate to keep that space cold, using electricity.

Freeaire®’s Polar Power® Package is able to supplement or replace the traditional compressor based system by bringing in free, natural, cold outside air. The Polar Power® Package uses a set of high efficiency intake and exhaust fans that are able to deliver the filtered, cold air at a small fraction of the energy required by a compressor based system. The Freeaire® All Climate™ Cooler Controller™ tracks inside and outside temperatures and humidity and turns on the Polar Power® Package any time the outside air can deliver cooling. The amount of time that this system can operate depends on where you are located and the target temperature. In the Boston area, a typical 40° cooler can use outside air over 100 days per year.

Freeaire®’s Polar Power® Package is available in commercial and industrial sizes for varying applications and can be scaled up for larger spaces by using multiple systems.

Give your compressor a Winter Vacation with the Polar Power® Package.

How It Works

An Integrated Approach to Reducing Refrigeration Costs

Freeaire® is the most advanced refrigeration control technology available and delivers a comprehensive approach to achieving maximum energy savings from your commercial refrigeration system. Starting with intelligent control of the evaporator system, Freeaire® builds additional measures related to door heaters, door lights, glass merchandise cases and cold, outside air, to create an integrated set of measures that create savings in any climate, at any time of the year.

Altogether, a Freeaire® system delivers you a savings of 30-50% of your refrigeration related electricity bill.

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