Freeaire® – The Natural Choice

At Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs, happy, healthy hens are good for business. The farm’s cage-free, organically fed and humanely treated birds are excellent layers, making Pete and Gerry’s the largest supplier of “specialty eggs” in the Northeast. And with a commitment to conservation, sustainability, and organic foods, the Freeaire system was a natural choice for refrigeration. “Freeaire‘s environmental benefits were a huge plus, because those values go along with everything that we market,” says CFO Jesse LaFlamme, who now runs the business with his father, Gerry.

How We Did It

Pete and Gerry’s eggs reach the market as much as two weeks faster – and, therefore, fresher – than even their organic competitors. The farm combines operations at one location, enabling daily shipments rather than long warehouse layovers. With that much product at stake, refrigeration must be fool-proof. “If our coolers go down, our eggs can only stay above 45 degrees for fifteen minutes before they can’t be used for retail,” says Jesse. “We have lots of confidence in this system. It really takes care of itself.”

Saving Money, Energy and Headaches

The low cost of installation made Freeaire an easy choice for Pete and Gerry’s. “Utility incentives paid for half the project, so it was a no brainer,” Jesse says. And the installation process? “They were in and out in three days, and completely unintrusive.” Jesse particularly appreciates the built-in defrost cycles, courtesy of the Cooler Controller™. “We’ve had some major problems with the air-handling units before. Those have been taken care of, as the built-in electricity reports clearly show. This system is definitely saving us energy and headaches.”

Cool, Quiet, Free Air

This fourth-generation New England farmer loves the ingenuity and practicality of the Freeaire system, especially in winter, when the Cooler Controller really saves money. “There was nothing more frustrating than going outside in winter and hearing our compressors going, just wasting energy. Now, it’s really nice to walk into the cooler. It holds its temperature well. The fans are off, the compressors are off, the air smells fresh and clean. Very cool.”