Energy Savings Controls Technology

Model 2100 Cooler Controller™ — the core of every Freeaire® All Climate™ system is the Cooler Controller™. Freeaire®’s fifth generation controller enhances existing refrigeration systems by making them “smart”. By running the mechanical components of the system – such as the compressor and evaporators – in a more intelligent manner, the Cooler Controller™ reduces the energy consumed by a commercial or industrial refrigeration system, in any weather and at any time of year. In addition, the Cooler Controller™ can also be enabled to intelligently control supplementary components of the cooler or freezer, such as anti-sweat door heaters, refrigeration lighting, and stand-alone refrigerated glass merchandise cases.

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Web Interface Module (WIM)

Throughout history, coolers have been blind – you need to physically check on them to confirm that they are working and at their target temperature. Not anymore. With the Freeaire® Web Interface Module (WIM), your refrigeration system is now sighted.

Every Freeaire® WIM works in conjunction with the installed Cooler Controller™. By giving access to all the settings of and tracking the performance of your refrigeration system on a minute by minute basis, this WIM allows you to control, monitor and diagnose the back end of your refrigeration system.

  • Control: change each setting in your system – including cooler temperature, set back schedules and store hours;
  • Monitor: check the live status of all of your systems and see how much energy you have saved at any given time;
  • Diagnose: use the minute by minute log data to determine what is happening in your system and catch issues before they become problems.

In addition, the WIM will proactively alert you of any problems with your cooler. The customizable alerts can let you know if any of a host of different settings on the system – such as temperature, humidity, connectivity – go out of range.

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Electronically Commutated Motors

Freeaire® generates additional energy savings by replacing the motors in your evaporator fan units or open display cases. We swap your conventional AC electric motors with brushless DC Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs). ECMs use up to 66% less electricity than your current motors, resulting in long term energy and cost savings. ECMs can be used in both walk in coolers and freezers and many open display cases.

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Freeaire® System Components

Freeaire®’s systems have been proven to work in the full range of commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, ranging from single retail locations with relatively small walk in coolers, to super markets, food production facilities, breweries and large refrigerated warehouses.

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