Quality Cheese and Quality Cooling Go Hand in Hand for Grafton Village Cheese and Freeaire®

Grafton Village Cheese Company, maker of world class artisanal cheddar, has been recognized by Wine Spectator Magazine, and won two World Cheese awards and other accolades too numerous to mention. Grafton strives to maintain the highest quality control for the 2.4 million pounds of all-natural cheeses they make yearly. With this goal, and a need for precise refrigeration, Grafton chose Freeaire® to be the reliable cooling source to preserve their outstanding products. “With a couple of million pounds of cheese in the cooler, we depend on Freeaire® to keep the temperature within a very narrow band,” says Greg Kathan, facilities manager for Grafton.

Both of the company’s warehouses are equipped with Freeaire®’s All Climate™ system, including the advanced Cooler Controller™ and Polar Power™ packages to keep the cheddar at a steady 38°-40° during the one to four year aging process. Grafton Cheese Company, already pleased with their energy savings in the warehouses, was even more delighted to learn that they were able to provide an additional savings of almost $13,000 and increase energy efficiency. Freeaire® has been able to partner with the Village of Grafton to preserve the values of beauty, purity, and historic preservation by providing clean and natural cooling solutions in the area. Freeaire®’s Polar Power™ package helped reduce energy consumption at the Brattleboro warehouse by 34% and reduce carbon emissions by nearly 217,000 pounds.

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