Cutting Cooling Costs “For Good”

Cutting costs isn’t just good business for the Vermont Foodbank. Every dollar that the non-profit saves from its operating costs goes to fight a critically serious problem: hunger. “More and more people are accessing our services. This year, we’re on target to deliver 8 million pounds of food to 86,000 Vermonters,” says Judy Stermer, spokesperson for the Foodbank. “We ‘rescue’ food that would otherwise be wasted – produce and perishables that come from supermarkets around Vermont – and deliver that food to nearly 300 sites around the state, from senior centers to after school programs.”

How We Did It

To better serve Vermont’s hungry, the Foodbank has three distribution centers. Much of the food, from produce to frozen meat, requires refrigeration before it can be transported to one of 300 network partners around the state. That’s why the Foodbank has several large coolers, such as the 20,700 cubic foot space in Brattleboro. And every one of the Foodbank’s coolers uses the Freeaire® All Climate™ with Polar Power® package.


Simple Yet Reliable

“The Freeaire is a pretty simple concept,” says Ed Fox, Vermont Foodbank’s Chief Operating Officer. “It runs great – never had any problems. We love showing it off, especially to our donors who care about efficiency and operating costs. They understand how it translates to the bottom line.”


Saving Energy – Eliminating Waste

“We can see the energy cost savings from our Freeaire systems on our electric bill,” continues Ed, “but a huge benefit is that it cuts down on equipment wear and tear – a cost that you don’t always see coming.”

“The Freeaire just fits so well with our mission and model,” continues Judy. “Rescuing food is just the beginning. We run our whole business with zero waste, using composting, recycling, and high efficiency lighting. Every dollar that we can save on costs goes to food, and getting that food to people who need it. Why pay for cooling when the Freeaire lets us use those dollars to feed more people?”