White’s Bakery & Cafe

Dave White, CEO of White’s Bakery, has been in business close to 30 years. He owns three Massachusetts locations of White’s Bakery in Hingham, Mansfield and Brockton. The Brockton location serves as a hub where all of the treats are made and then distributed to the other locations for final preparation and sale. Given the volume of perishable food moving through his Brockton location, the coolers and freezers onsite are crucial components to his business.

How We Did It

Dave White was impressed with Freeaire®’s technology and their savings estimates which topped $15,000 per year. More importantly he was intrigued by the Web Interface Module (WIM) which allows complete system monitoring. White’s Bakery has large refrigeration needs with 19 units in their building. The Installation took about 2 weeks, but Dave says, “There was no issue with the technicians being in our way or disrupting the day to day operations.”

Highlight: Web Interface Module (WIM)

By tracking all of his coolers and freezers, the WIM alerts White’s Bakery of an issue before it gets out of hand – allowing Dave the time to react and move product before it spoils. Since having the All Climate® system installed, Dave has come to value the peace of mind that the WIM and remote monitoring gives him even more than the energy savings. “Even though I have saved more than I’ve expected, I don’t think I could live without the web monitoring.”

Big Savings Benefit

White’s Bakery has experienced incredible savings since their switch to Freeaire – not just monetary but in piece of mind. Dave White has lost an entire refrigerator’s worth of inventory 3-4 times in the past, and now he can rest easy knowing he can act at the first sign of problems.